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Parents & Safety


Keeping kids safe on Momio is our top priority, and we are proud of our best-in-class safety systems. 


Live moderation

All content on Momio is moderated in real time by our custom-made AI. This way we can keep unwanted content out of Momio and guide the kids to behave responsibly. The AI moderation is supported by our Community and Safety team that constantly monitors Momio and steps in when needed.


Safety tools

Kids have a variety of safety tools at their disposal. They can for example easily report unwanted content and unfriend or block other users. Kids can also always reach out to our moderators (Jack’s helpers) for guidance.


Momio is closed at night

Kids need their sleep, which is why Momio is closed at night. Depending on the weekday, we close at 23 or midnight, and open again at 5 in the morning.


Data privacy

Data privacy is important to us. We are fully GDPR compliant and do not harvest data from anyone on Momio. We only gather the bare minimum - only what’s necessary to keep the kids safe. Parents have the possibility to influence on what data is collected of their children.


Safety campaigns

We do excessive safety campaigning on Momio, both in-house and in collaboration with external partners like Safer Internet Day. Momio’s own police officer Jack helps kids remember the rules and gives tips on how to act responsibly online.



If you have any questions about Momio or safety, you can write to us at


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