Last updated: 20.2.2020

Momio would like to save some of your personal data for safety reasons. Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully.


Safety is our number one focus on Momio. To be able to provide that safety, we have to collect some information from you. That’s why Momio ApS saves everything you post on Momio, along with some information that you provide yourself. We also save for example what you buy on Momio. We save this information so we can help you with whatever questions you might have, improve Momio and find the people breaking the rules.

Even though we save this information, we don’t look at it unless we have a good reason to do so. Those reasons can for example be that you asked for help or that there’s a safety issue, for example that you have been breaking the rules.

Your personal data will not be given to anyone without your permission – unless the police or similar authorities require it or Momio ApS decides to report you or someone you have interacted with to the police or similar authorities.

We have three lawful basis for saving your personal data. They are:

  • Consent given by either you or your guardian if you are under 13* years old.

  • Contract, for example when we have to send an email receipt after you purchase virtual goods on Momio.

  • Legitimate interest when it comes to safety and scientific research purposes.



Depending on whether or not you have given us consent to save it and whether or not you have provided the information, we may save the following data about you:

  • Phone number and/or email address, so you can recover your forgotten password

  • Age or birthday, so we know if you can give your own consent

  • Your first name or nickname and school, so you can find your school friends

  • The IP addresses you’ve used, so we can keep Momio safe

  • When applicable, an email address, so we can send a purchase receipt when virtual goods are bought for your Momio account.



In general, data is saved for as long as you are using your Momio account or until you delete it. If you change your consent settings, the data may be deleted sooner.

If you delete your Momio account, we save your data for 90 days before deleting it completely. This is for safety reasons. The data can only be seen by the Momio staff: Other Momio users will not be able to access it.

If we have to delete your Momio account for any reason, we save your data for 365 days. This too is for safety reasons. In case we have reason to believe that we might have to report you to the police, we may save your data for an even longer time period.



Momio does not share your personal data with any third parties.

However, if you participate in and win in a competition that has a physical prize (for example a toy), we might ask for your name, address, phone number and email address. If the competition is organized by one of our external partners, we may give this information to them so they can send you your prize. The information will not be used for anything else, and it will be deleted once you have received the prize. We will always inform you about the details before asking for your contact information. Participation in these competitions is voluntary.

Momio utilizes YouTube API Services to allow you to view videos on Momio. YouTube might collect and process your personal data. Please read more from Google Privacy Policy at

In case we have to report you or someone you have interacted with to the police, we may share your personal data with the police. Momio ApS will not notify you about this, as it might risk the investigation.

None of your personal data is transferred to recipients outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

As a part of research projects, Momio may give anonymised data to a research partner. It will not be possible for anyone to recognize you from this data.



Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the following rights in regards to your personal data:

  • Deleting the personal data Momio ApS has of you

  • Correcting incorrect data Momio ApS has of you

  • Withdrawing or changing the consent you have given for processing of your personal data

  • Receiving a copy of the personal data Momio ApS has of you

  • Placing a complaint with your local Data Protection Authority

If you need more information about exercising these rights, you can contact Momio support by email at



You can still use Momio even if you don’t want to consent to Momio saving your personal data. Your Momio account will then become a Momio Lite account, and we will not save any of your personal data. When using Momio Lite, you can dress up your avatar, decorate your room, watch videos and like and share what others are posting, but you can’t write or post pictures since text or images might contain personal data.

It is possible to change your account from Momio Lite to Momio at any time by giving the consent. Alternatively, if you do give consent but would later want to remove it, you can change from Momio to Momio Lite at any time.



The company responsible for Momio is:

Momio ApS
Kronprinsessegade 46E
1306 Copenhagen K
VAT ID: DK 35837787

If there’s a problem with Momio and you can’t solve it, you can email to our support. The address is

Please clearly tell what the problem is and remember to mention your account name.